Cormac (CEO Veritise) and Bastien (Sales Director Veritise) with the French interviewer Vincent Touraine

We were invited by the news channel BFM BUSINESS to participate in the program “FOCUS PME”. Cormac Lucking, CEO and Bastien Violleau, Sales Director went there to introduce Veritise, its functioning and its project to interested investors.

Our message was very well perceived. This show will be broadcasted on Saturday November 27th at 6.56 PM (CET timezone) and Sunday November 28th at 11.56 AM (CET timezone) on BFM Business (TV and radio).

We advise you to set aside a few minutes of your time to watch this upcoming interview.

Here is the link to watch BFM Business live:

Here is also the list of TV channels and radio frequencies:

Here is the LinkedIn post of Focus PME featuring Veritise:

The complete video will replace this post three days after the National broadcast on TV and Radio.

Back room of BFM BUSINESS TV before the interview of Veritise

Channels where you can find BFM BUSINESS in France

Frequencies  of Radio Stations where you can listen to BFM BUSINESS