Product Authenticity Verification & Brand Protection – Powered by Veritise

Efficient data entry for accurate logistics

Veritise is working on a solution for CaseProof, a mobile phone cover manufacturing company, to offer authentication of their products, consumer feedback and improve the mechanisms when goods are returned.


Problems of the existing system:

As products are made in the factory they are made in batches. For example, batch one, batch two and batch three can all take place in month one. Then month two can contain several production batches. As time goes on there have been more and more batches that have taken place over each month.


Improving the efficiency of the existing system:

As a customized Veritise solution a tracking number assigned to each production batch alongside the date of production is contained and logged as a recorded blockchain event which can be read via the Veritise QR codes. 

By recording production batches as unique events on the Veritise blockchain via our software the company will be able to gather extra data that can lead to predictive analytics and prevent repeating errors from occurring.

Once the product is returned to the logistics platform, with a scan of the Veritise QR code, the returned product can be quickly assigned to the correct area in the warehouse. A warning can be given to check other batch numbers of the same unique identification for similar faults and ultimately reducing return costs.