Bringing Back Trust

Veritise is a powerful blockchain and identity verification platform for enterprises, institutions and individuals.

Veritise Racing Manager

The first race team management application designed for Motorsports efficiency on and off the track, with an easy-to-use interface and top-notch security.

The Problems We Solve

Verify Human Identities

In this day and age fraud is more rampant than ever before. This threat continues to rise year over year causing businesses and individuals across the world over $5 trillion in damages yearly with identity theft being by far the greatest problem.  Veritise offers a digital trust solution that mitigates this threat securely . Let us give you peace of mind. 

Protect Your Products

Brands all over the world are under attack from fakes, forgeries and intellectual property thieves. Over time these counterfeiters have become more sophisticated and advanced. It’s time to stop them in their tracks and prevent damage to your brand’s reputation. Veritise has a trusted solution for you.


Low Cost

Veritise blockchain has a built-in dynamic fee mechanism, ensuring that transactions will always remain less than $0.01, regardless the value of the VTS token, whether VTS = $0.50 or VTS = $50.



A low-carbon footprint is guaranteed with our eco-friendly consensus mechanism. No CPU intensive calculations are required to validate blocks. Instead, Veritise utilizes a Delegated Stake with Proof of Importance algorithm, designed to keep energy usage to a minimum.



The Veritise blockchain network handles 400+ transactions per second with ease together with a 7 second average confirmation time. The network can scale effortlessly and indefinitely depending on demand.

Get Involved

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