Mechanical Logbook Application – Powered by Veritise

The Mechanical Logbook Application

Veritise is working alongside the CLRT Racing Team to develop an application that will help automate the servicing and maintenance of each car in their paddock. The aim is to help the lead mechanics save time via automation of tasks that can be assigned to each mechanic by the application. 


Problems of the existing system:

The existing system involves paper “job list form” which requires manual data entry and processing during each trackday. The mechanic assigned to each car, refers to the forms and updates them after each action.

The racing teams work with freelancers that are subject to change during the year. The mechanic working on car 1 in race 1 might not be the same working on car 1 race 2. This means that time needs to be spent before every event briefing the mechanic on the events.


Improving the efficiency of the existing system:

By digitising the job list forms the application can be programmed to give warnings, advise on oil changes, brake disk changes and any other pre-programmed event.

Immutability of records are provided via the Veritise blockchain, backing up service logs and keeping track of which mechanic participated in each event.