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The Aviation Technical Log Book

The Aviation Technical Log book is used to record and document the “airworthiness” status of the aircraft. It contains a record of each flight with a list of any defects or maintenance procedures that may have taken place. Since the dawn of aviation they have largely been paper based records. A vast number of airlines including private aviation still use paper based tech logs. There have been various iterations of electronic applications which aim to resolve the problems associated with paper based versions.


Problems with paper tech logs:
– Administrative resources are high
– The pilots handwriting can be hard to read which can lead to mistakes later on
– Paperwork can be incomplete as there are no prompts
– Processing paperwork is slow and inefficient

Problems with traditional database based tech logs:
– Aircraft faults that have been reported but neglected can then potentially be erased
– Airplane and flight data can become corrupted losing all previous records
– Traceability is limited meaning that finding a historical log is completely dependant on the database integrity
– A trust based system


In a collaboration with SD Aviation, we are excited to be building a Veritise’d version of a blockchain secured immutable tech log book that will then be demonstrated to key figures in the aviation industry. Advanced Veritise technology aims to solve the problems of both paper and traditional database aviation tech logbooks.

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