Human Identification

Businesses, institutions and individuals alike have a dire need to verify both business and human identities in order to prevent fraud and identity theft. Veritise has developed a user-friendly mobile application that uses its own blockchain technology together with a patent protected process to provide you with human identity verifications that are fast, secure and trusted.

The problem

There are numerous scenarios on how scammers steal and abuse identities in order to deceive people by approaching them online or in person. Most of us have had the experience of being contacted by strangers either through social media, sms messages or telemarketing calls falsly claiming to be an employee for a certain company or an agent or representative.   These are very common ways for scammers to operate.

The Solution

Veritise offers human identification services that are specifically designed to give businesses the ability to offer people a fast, easy and secure way via the Veritise app to verify the true identity of people claiming to work for their company or have an official affiliation with their company.You can also verify their current position or status, for example:

○ Employee
■ i.e. Manager, marketeer, developer, security officer, researcher etc.
○ Independent Sales Agent
■ i.e. Listing Agent of an exchange
○ Volunteer
■ Authorized to raise funds
■ Approved to create campaigns
○ People endorsed by a company
■ Petitioners
■ Activists

Aside from humans, the companies themselves can also be verified with the Veritise app to provide consumers peace of mind. We give them the ability to verify the legitimacy of companies, stores (online and offline), service providers, authorizied dealers, charities and so much more

Watch this space: we will be publishing a video demonstration of the Veritise App here soon.