About Veritise

Veritise is bringing back trust across individuals, enterprises, and institutions through blockchain identity verification.

From a real person or company to virtually any form of digital asset, all entities can be registered, verified, authorized, validated, and tracked immutably in our blockchain.

Products, CV’s, objects, documents, news, opinions, reviews, information, IP, NFTs, artworks and much more: if it is veritised, you can trust it!

Bringing Back Trust

Trust has been the fundamental engine of any personal or business relationship since the beginning of times. 

Over history, as social groups started to connect and expand to different frontiers, the mechanisms of building trust had to evolve accordingly – from the local communities, to regional, national and international institutions, until the exponential online explosion in recent years.

Augmented Identity

Identity is the most fundamental block of a trustworthy personal or commercial relationship. Identity theft and poor identification and verification processes are the root cause of trillions of financial losses every year. Veritise expands the concept of human identity to any entity that needs to be identified and verified: a business, a product, a CV, an opinion, news, reviews, and much more. In the aftermath of all the massive economic, political, and societal impacts due to unverified information, it is time to end the “age of fake”.

Blockchain – Trust by Design

The Veritise Blockchain means Trust by design. 

Trust, but Veritise.

The phrase “Trust but verify” became internationally known in English after Suzanne Massie, an American scholar, taught it to Ronald Reagan, then president of the United States, the latter of whom used it on several occasions. At the heart it  means that a responsible person always verifies everything before committing himself to a common business with anyone, even if that anyone is totally trustworthy. Veritise technology gives us effective tools to achieve this. Therefore we say: Trust, but Veritise.