– Powered by Veritise

Central to the Veritise services is a strong brand protection system. As a manufacturer, the first steps are registering your company with Veritise.

From there on out (once you have opted for the subscription or customised service option) you can begin to protect your products with blockchain grade strength.

The Veritise system will ask for various product information that you wish to display to your consumers once they scan.

There are two principle ways in which you can apply brand protection to your products :
– Special tamper proof stickers with unique codes, designed in partnership with Etikouest.
– Printing Veritise codes directly onto labels or packaging via your existing printers.

For either option we are here to make it an easy and cost effective process.


How does it work?

Our patent pending method generates unique blockchain based codes for every single one of your products. As soon as you scan one of them an event on the blockchain is generated and cannot be reversed. The Veritise system will check the blockchain ledger and almost instantly make the link between the manufacturer and the actual product. If something is not right, such as the unique product code, has already been used an alert will let the consumer know to be careful.