Elfrid Auvray, artist, with Cormac Lucking CEO VeriTise

A big thank you to Elfrid Auvray for the invitation to the “Horizons Croises” art exhibition held in the 6th District Paris town hall.

We are going to use Veritise NFT technology to create unique blockchain backed digital ownership certificates and digital representations for each of her artworks.

What makes Veritise NFT’s different? 

Veritise NFT’s are different as they will have an identification link “Veritise’d” from the artist to the NFT that will clearly confirm the identity of the issuer of the NFT, i.e the artist.

The core NFT principles will remain and will allow artists to provide physical and digital representations of their works with full counterfeit protection. 

Once an NFT, linked directly to the physical painting via a Veritise code immutably connected to the identity of the artist, is created, it becomes impossible to create a fake copy of the artwork because only one single NFT represents the original and can only be held by one current owner.

It opens up for two marketplaces. A marketplace for the physical painting and a marketplace for the digital version. Veritise will provide a unique code for both meaning the artist can if she chooses sell both the physical artwork with the digital artwork together or sell them apart.

There is also the opportunity to provide fractional ownership of both the physical and digital versions. 

As with other Veritise products this system allows for fault proof, proof of ownership and proof of authenticity with only a scan of the associated Veritise code, integrated onto the canvas, in a discreet manner.

More to come on Veritise’d NFT’s over the next couple of months.

6th District Paris Town Hall

“Horizons Croisés” art exhibition