Verify | Identify | Collect

Veritise provides verification, identification, data collection and analysis services for companies and individuals. Central to these functionalities is the Veritise Enterprise-grade blockchain for its ability to transact and store data securely and immutably.


Veritise provides blockchain solid anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and instant up to date product information as well as ownership transfers and the ability to prove ownership of an item from a distance. Know what you are buying and where it comes from !


From curriculum vitae with verified references to trusted online reviews, to business card verifications and even a way to confirm fast personal identity, Veritise provides solutions to harness it’s latest generation blockchain technology to provide users of it’s system a rapid path to learn and demonstrate the truth behind events.

Data Collection

Veritise is building two way communications between consumers and manufacturers. Adding depth to QR code scans our system is set up to provide instant registration of product warranties, direct customer loyalty programs and even rewards for eco responsible actions.