A traditional curriculum vitae contains a list of past employment and qualifications. For the author there are no limitations on what information can go into the CV.  The author of the CV is also the owner of the CV. 

Problems associated with self written CV’s

At first sight, employers and head hunters have no idea if a CV of a job applicant is accurate, if any of the references listed truly exist, if the applicant really worked at certain companies or on certain projects (in case of contractors/freelancers) and during what time frames and at what satisfaction rate.

Much time and resources are generally required to verify a CV, to interview references and to get an idea whether the applicant is even worth pursuing or not.

How the Veritise system can make improvements

With the Veritise CV verification service employers can save a lot of time and money by
screening any CV that was verified with Veritise and contains a QR code for the Employer to scan which provides them with immediate proof of the legitimacy of one or more items listed on the CV depending on how many items were verified.

Because it saves a lot of time and money, employers will want to give preference to CVs that have already been verified with Veritise compared to CVs that are not.

Subsequently a job applicant will understand that he will get an advantage over other applicants when submitting a CV that was verified with Veritise.

Veritise is putting it’s patent pending CV system through the paces with Solitt Emploi.

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