A 5-year Plan by Veritise

Jan 2021 – Dec 2021


  • Build Veritise Corporate website supporting the following functions:
    • Provides general corporate and marketing content 
    • E-mail list signup 
    • Helpdesk ticket system setup and contact forms
    • Client online account creation 
    • Client can subscribe to Veritise services
    • E-commerce features
      • Setup of payment gateway and card processing
      • Enables automatically recurring monthly payments
      • Enables clients to pay month-to-month manually
      • Enables clients to pay setup fees and custom fees
  • First Phase of back-end server infrastructure development
    • Limited Support for customer data collection
      • Customer contact information
      • Instant up to date product information (Client can edit)
  • First working version of Veritise Mobile App 
    • App for iOS
    • App for Android
    • App for web
    • Apps can scan QR code and verify product authenticity as well as provide information about the product
    • Build Tools so manufacturers can quickly generate anti-counterfeit QR codes and labels for their products to protect their brand.
    • Demonstrable prototype of Veritise’d CV

    Jan 2022 – Dec 2022

    • Expand Veritise Corporate Website
    • Set up Reseller Sales Network with members able to create online accounts and have back-end access to keep track of commissions 
    • RFID Blockchain Integration
    • Trusted Reviews (trip advisor etc)
    • Implementation of V.2 Veritise Mobile App with the following new features:
      • Ownership transfer of products
      • Customer Loyalty Programs
      • Loyalty Points / Reward Points
    • Second Phase of back-end server infrastructure
      • Expand Support for customer data collection
        • Enable instant warranty registrations
    • Extended version of Veritise’d CV’s
      • Fast corporate account creation for sending verifications to a CV
      • Improved user face that allows for more detailed job descriptions / verifications
    • First demonstrable model of human identification
    • First working prototype of document authentication (proof of residence etc)

    Jan 2023 – Dec 2023

      • Prototype of Biometric Identification
      •  NFC to Blockchain integration
      • Implementation of V.3 of Veritise Mobile Apps and Web App
        • Build in support for NFC sensor data capture

      • Third Phase of back-end server infrastructure
        • Expand support for customer data collection for clients:
          • Customer Feedback and Surveys
          • Targeted customer discounts
          • Tools to improve customer relationship and retention
          • Tools to improve customer service 
      • Genuine Charity Solicitation Guarantee
      • Supply-chain management tools
      • Control access to Restricted building areas via scannable cards

      Jan 2024 – Dec 2024

        • Ongoing work on Biometric identification
        • Fourth Phase of back-end server infrastructure supporting new features
          • Support Human Identification and Verifications
        • Expand into Human Identification Industry 
          • Create digital identities on the blockchain using the apps
        • Implementation of V.4 of Veritise Mobile Apps and Web App
        • Commercialization of Veritise proof of documents (Fast Hotel Check-ins, fast account opening, fast track loan applications) 
        • Employee log tracking
        • Secure digital signatures

        Jan 2025 – Dec 2025

        • Implementation of V.5 of Veritise Mobile Apps and Web App with advanced new features:
          • Regression Analysis on collected data sets as a service
          • Machine learning to make projections and predictions using collected data sets


        • Launch of first commercial Biometric Veritise Services


        • Extended development across all activities 

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