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Device and method for authenticating products

The present invention relates generally to the field of solutions for the authentication and traceability of marketable goods. 

More specifically, it relates to a method and a device for authenticating products to which labels are affixed. It also relates to any product bearing such labels. 

State of the art Counterfeiting concerns all sectors of economic activity. In order to face this situation, authentication and traceability of products are major issues.

 Authentication and traceability solutions aim at acquiring a certain level of certainty regarding the authenticity of a product.

These solutions are generally based on identification elements that can be classified into three different technologies:

– visually controllable elements (e.g., anti-scratch devices, holograms, inks, etc.), 

– laboratory controllable items (e.g., physical markers, biological markers, etc.), and 

– elements that can be controlled using portable tools (e.g., digital markers, nanoparticles, etc.).

Currently, most of the identifiers that can be controlled by wearable tools are either very complicated to implement, and therefore not very usable on a large scale, or not secure enough so that they are susceptible to tampering.

There is therefore a need for new means of authentication.

Veritise Patent Protected Technology brings affordable solutions to offer brand protection and anti-counterfeiting measures in an accessible way for all participating manufacturers.