Veritise Collaboration with L’Innovore to reach Korean Market

Veritise has signed a collaboration contract with L’Innovore with the following mission: to market and sell Veritise Tokens and Veritise Business Services specifically to South Korea. L’Innovore is the exclusive agent and authorized Veritise representation for this territory.

About L’Innovore

Founder of the communication agency Mediapolitain and of the start-up L’INNOVORE, Laure Blagojevic has been a specialist in food and its environment for 20 years. L’INNOVORE, which deciphers developments and product innovations dedicated to the restaurants and distribution industries in all their aspects, has created the first BtoB box addressed to French restaurant owners. In partnership with Muser Company, the French-Korean team is now deploying its offer on the Korean market, offering the consumer and BtoB markets innovative European food products.

Laure Blagojevic – All rights reserved

About Muser Company

Christophe Muser moved to South Korea in the early 90’s as part of his Korean studies.

As a project Manager for the French Embassy in Korea in 2000, he started developing an extensive network with both French and Korean industry actors. He has held the successive positions of Director of liaison office, where he developed license business for international brands in South Korea, and Marketing Director for a French brand distributed through a Korean-French joint venture. 


Christophe Muser – All rights reserved

In 2005, he created his own company, Muser Company, developing import, licensing, and export projects in various business sectors. Perfectly bilingual, his 20+ years’ experience and the strong business network he has developed throughout the years allow him to be a direct and privileged contact for the various market players who wish to develop business with Korea.

Today, Muser company marks a new step in its development in Korea, by partnering with L’INNOVORE. Korea and France have long had a very dynamic commercial and cultural relationship. The partnership between L’INNOVORE and Muser company was an obvious choice for Laure Blagojevic and Christophe Muser. Accompanied by their respective seasoned teams, they offer advanced and tailor-made services to French and European companies who want to set up in South Korea. Muser Company and L’INNOVORE pride themselves to have already launched several implementation missions on behalf of internationally renowned French Groups from the food industry.