Meet Our Partners

Ledger Vault offers a highly secure and decentralized enterprise grade solution that combines multi signature permissions to keep safe Veritise digital assets.

“Ledger Enterprise Solution is a third-party technology provider and expert in the digital asset ecosystem. We thrive to offer the best security component to any crypto business, by protecting their client’s funds from cyber attacks, internal collusion, or human errors. Our goal is to take care of security so that our clients can focus on their core business.”

With Ledger Vault, Veritise ensures that its digital assets are kept safe.

RFIDdirect is a specialist supplier of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology within the European market, with headquarters based in Mold, Flintshire – UK, and a subsidiary in Kleve, NRW – Germany. The business uses data capture terminals, Cloud Based Software, but above all an understanding of a manufacturing process to turn data gathered into meaningful insights in the manufacturing process: identifying inventory on the work-floor, flow of products in-process, productivity of man and machine.


The systems developed provides reverse traceability all the way through to the original supplier, stoppages and production delays; projecting information in easy to understand reports and dashboards, informing the production management and customers alike.


Creating solutions to improve efficiency and bringing the ‘smart-factor’ and ‘lean’ into manufacturing and production logistics, by enabling Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC) with a focus on RFID technology.


RFIDdirect are able to supply stock management, asset tracking and trace-ability solutions to customers specifications based on their generic cloud application manager. The RFID scanning equipment communicates directly with this database and generates reports or data exchange with most management information and ERP systems.


Using this system our RFIDdirect team helps companies to get leaner by capturing product, asset and object data in a more efficient way.