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Be part of Veritise: a Next-Gen Enterprise-Grade technology with a supply of 300 Million VTS tokens, and only 100 Million reserved for public sale.

Whether you are a crypto, blockchain or fintech investor, you too can become a Veritise investor.

Please provide your Telegram username so we can establish quick communication and provide support. Providing this information is optional but recommended.
Provide the VTS wallet address where you want to receive your VTS rewards. Don't use an exchange address. If you don't have a VTS wallet yet then download the desktop wallet here:
Choose Node Type(Required)
A public node enables anyone to activate staking on your node, thus increasing your chances of earning VTS rewards and transaction fees. A private node will allow you to be the only one that can activate staking on your node.
Your Node name will be visible publicly in the node list on the block explorer as well as in the wallet when people select from a list of nodes to activate staking.