On September 4th of 2021, Veritise opened its own Token Sale Platform to the public enabling residents from eligible countries to purchase Veritise tokens. Veritise tokens can be viewed as true utility tokens because they can be directly used for verification, identification and data collection services. A soft launch was chosen for the first month of the sale, yet we already experienced tremendous interest and participation from the public resulting in the first two token price tiers (0.30 EUR and 0.35 EUR) to be completely sold out and the third price tier (0.40 EUR)  75% sold at the time of publication of this article.  At the current rate we expect the sale will move to the next price tier at 0.45 EUR within less than a week. There are still 17 price tiers in locked mode.

In the coming weeks and months marketing will be vastly increased through the use of regional and global mainstream media, such as newspaper articles, TV broadcasts, interviews as well as high profile influencer advertising targeting professional markets.


What makes the Veritise Token Sale Platform unique?

Price Tiers

The Veritise token sale structure consists of 20 price tiers. Each tier has a set purchase price and 5 million VTS tokens are allocated to it. Each time 5 million VTS tokens are sold, the price tier is sold out and the next price tier opens up. We are currently in the early stages of the sale, which means the token price is still at an attractive low price of just 0.40 EUR. As the sale progresses the price will increase with increments of 0.05 EUR, and finally reach the last tier with a price of 1.25 EUR per VTS.

Wire transfers

A unique feature is the acceptance of traditional bank wire transfers for the purchase of Veritise (VTS) tokens. This is a very convenient payment option for investors who do not want to deal with having to first purchase cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH or USDT in order to purchase VTS.  Investors simply place a VTS order, and the Veritise Token Sale Platform provides them with wire transfer information and a reference number. After the wire transfer clears, the amount of VTS tokens they purchased are displayed on their admin dashboard.

Referral Program

Another popular feature of the Veritise Token Sale Platform is the ability to receive 10% commission of every token purchase using the free referral program. No token purchase is necessary, anyone can start earning commissions by simply signing up for a free account at https://tokensale.veritise.com and start sharing their referral link to potential investors.

Credit Card Payments

Last but not least, Veritise is currently implementing a new feature that enables users to purchase Veritise tokens by credit card. This feature is expected to become available by the end of October and will create opportunities for more people to participate in the sale.

To learn more about Veritise please visit https://veritise.com
To purchase Veritise tokens, please visit https://tokensale.veritise.com